The Texas Real Estate License Act requires that you be advised that there are agency relationships that govern how a real estate salesperson may deal with you when purchasing, selling or leasing real property. Before you enter into a substantive discussion with Cherokee Real Estate Company, Inc., or any other brokerage, be sure you have an agreement with the broker as to what your relationship with him will be and even how it may change from time to time. You should not disclose any personal information or disposition to a broker until you have established your relationship with him. The broker will be happy to discuss and explain agency relationships with you.

Commercial Rental Properties

The properties shown below may be leased at the time of your inquiry and no longer be available. Properties in red are currently occupied. Properties in green may be available. To see currently available properties, click here.


115 East Commerce -- Retail/Professional Office Space -- Jacksonville
1207 West Rusk -- Maintenance/Warehousing/Manufacturing/Distribution Facility -- Jacksonville
1503 South Jackson Suite #5 -- Retail/Professional Office Space -- Jacksonville
1625 North Bolton -- Maintenance/Warehousing/Manufacturing/Distribution Facility -- Jacksonville
1714 E Rusk -- Retail/Professional Office Space -- Jacksonville
225 Cash Street -- Retail/Professional Office Space -- Jacksonville
305 West Rusk (U.S. 79) -- Retail/Professional Office Space -- Jacksonville
319 Neches St. -- Retail/Professional Office Space -- Jacksonville
325 East Tena St. -- Maintenance/Warehousing/Manufacturing/Distribution Facility -- Jacksonville
420 Neches St. -- Retail/Office Space -- Jacksonville
43670 U.S. 69 North -- Maintenance/Warehousing/Manufacturing/Distribution Facility -- Jacksonville
631 East Rusk -- Retail/Office Space -- Jacksonville
805-A South Jackson (U.S. 69 South) -- Retail/Professional Office Space -- Jacksonville
807-A South Jackson Suite #4 -- Retail/Office Space -- Jacksonville
807-A South Jackson Suite #5 -- Retail/Office Space -- Jacksonville
807-A South Jackson Suite #6 -- Retail/Office Space -- Jacksonville
914 South Bolton -- Retail/Office Space -- Jacksonville
Norman Industrial Park -- Maintenance/Warehousing/Manufacturing/Distribution Facility -- Jacksonville